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Feedback… some more

Thankyou to the 32 people who are following my blog, I really appreciate your support.

I have been working away at this for 6 months now and this will be my 25 post .. quite an effort for someone who 12 months ago had never really read or followed a blog! For this I must thank Alice, my wonderful daughter, who got me started on the social media journey.

My book remains about 60% complete … work keeps getting in the way. Maybe over the Xmas break I will get time to write some more and the blog content will help with some of the gaps.

I would love some feedback from my readers about my blog

  • What have you enjoyed?
  • What would you like more of?
  • What would you like less of?
  • Is it worth your effort and time and mine?
  • Would you recommend workshopswithwow? please explain…
  • What other topics would you like explored in the blog?
  • Any other comments ……

Thanks again for your support and I appreciate any comments – either on the blog or email me

I look forward to hearing from you.

Workshops …Smart phones?

In a recent workshop the group defined the group guidelines and decided phones should be on silent. OK I thought thats phones dealt with… No not so! Smart phones bring a whole new meaning to phones in workshops.

Not only did this some of the members of this group check their emails, send texts and share website they also took calls during the session –  in and out of the room during the workshop – yes they had their phones on silent – did that mean they participated? Certainly not as I would hope.

Smart phones bring a whole new level of discussion to the group guidelines about what is OK and what is not? We are focused on social media and e-communication and expect immediate responses, answers and information. This brings a whole new level of discussion about how we manage phones and calls in workshops and meetings.

In my world it’s OK to take emergency calls during a workshop, in the breaks check messages and make calls  – whats an emergency?

The impact on me as the facilitator was challenging, participants missed key messages, escaped when activities where planned and didn’t engage in the learning.

iPad’s in workshops is another topic … I have heard of them being banned in meetings because people were spending more time answering emails than focusing on the meeting. In this world where we are trying to reduce paper iPads provide a great tool for meeting papers and note taking – however it’s another discussion that needs to had at the start – whats OK and what’s not.

Next time when phones are discussed in group guidelines I will highlight the smart phone and what “phones on silent” really means to the group!

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