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Resilience Workshop

Jeanette Long and Sharon Honner from Ag Consulting Co facilitated “Building Resilience Workshop” at Bowhill last Friday as part of the Adaptive Management component of Grain and Graze 2.

This workshop has been designed by Jacky Dakin and Kathryn McEwen, Organisational Physiologists in Adelaide. It aims to build understanding in what makes us personally resilient – able to bounce back from difficult times. Participants gain an understanding in how to monitor and manage their own resilience as well as those around them.

The workshop provides practical strategies to assist in coping with the daily pressures many of us face on farms. It includes building emotional, physical and mental resilience.

Participants discussed strategies to cope with situations such as drought. Depression awareness was also discussed; warning signs in themselves and others, as well as the first steps in seeking assistance.

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