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Facilitating with passion


I love to facilitate – both facilitation in the pure sense helping a group develop a new strategic plan or way to work together, to facilitation of workshops which include delivery of some material and lots of activities which draw on the knowledge and experience of the participants to deepen learning.

It’s been 12 months since I started Workshops with Wow and it has been an exciting year for me, I have travelled to many parts of rural Australia and New Zealand working with wonderful rural people dedicated to agriculture and rural life. It is so inspiring to see the passion of people for their industry, group or organisation and to play a small part in their ongoing development.

My work with the Agri-Women’s Development Trust in NZ has provided me with a unique opportunity to work with NZ rural women. As I have fortunate to be part of them learning to “own their skills and talents” and identify their passions – I have also developed a deeper understanding of myself, my passion for people development and ownership of my skills.

Facilitating with my life and business partner, Bill, on farmer decision making and extension and adoption in the grains industry has been a highlight. We hope to continue this into the future – traveling together instead of in different directions – combining our interests of people and agriculture.

Writing this blog has provided me with the opportunity to share my passion and desire to enhance adult learning and facilitation – particularly in rural and regional areas.

Thankyou for following my blog and sharing in my journey I have really appreciated your comments, emails and personal feedback and look forward to continuing the facilitation discussion. Please feel free to share my blog with your friends and colleagues.

May 2013 be an exciting fulfilling year for you all – Jeanette

Comments on: "Facilitating with passion" (5)

  1. Taryn Baker said:

    Thanks Jeanette, for a wonderful year of insights into your own skills, knowledge and business acumen. Its been a fantastic opportunity and I hope you have enjoyed your journey too! I look forward to hearing about your and Bill’s facilitation in the future, what a great opportunity to share the experience together! There is nothing more fulfilling than to witness a change in spirit brought on by great facilitation, especially within a farming family! Cheers Taryn

  2. It has been a pleasure to meet and learn from you Jeanette.Thanks for sharing your journey and learnings on your blog.I love to read it. Looking forward to seeing you in NZ in March for First Steps.

  3. Well done Jeanette – can’t wait to help you really unleash this blog onto the world 🙂 So many people will benefit from your insights!!!

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